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Trials of Strength’ & Equipment

Here are the ‘Trials of Strength’ that are included in the 2009 UK Strongman North Novice & Open


Over Head Press two Natural Stones 64kg and 74kg, a log 110kg and Axel 115kg

- Squat for reps 220kg

- Hand over Hand 4x4 20m

- Wheel Barrow Load 90kg barrel 100kg, chine 100kg, sand bag, 110kg barrel

- Hercules hold for time weight to be sorted

- Farmers 115kg 10m drag 200kg 15m and flip my be finger or tyre medley to finish


lorry pull


- Over head press 74kg stone 90kg, stone 120kg & log 130kg Axel
- Squat 260kg for repeats

- Hand over hand (weight to be decided)

- Wheel Barrow load 100kg chine, 115kg sandbag 120kg gas bottle, 130kg barrel

- Hercules hold (weight to be decided)

- 140kg farmers 10m 300kg drag and flip


All of the equipment used in the UK Strongman-NorthWest events is manufactured by Mark Tilley. If you wish to contact Mark for prices and details on the list of equipment listed below then please call him on 07550 950864.

- Steel Logs

- Van Lifting Frames

- Conan’s Wheel

- Super Yoke

- Farmers Walks

- Husifa Stones

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