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2008 ‘UK Strongman North’ Competition

Heat 1 - Regional Heat Open & Novices at Moss Farm Sunday 15th June
Novices :- 9.30am, Open :- 12pm.
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Heat 2
- Cheshire Strongest Man & Novices at Verdin Park, Northwich

Open :- Saturday July 5th, Novices :- Sunday July 6th
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Heat 3 - Wales Strongest Man at Colwyn Bay Leisure Centre, Colwyn Bay
Novices :- Saturday 2nd August, Open :- Sun 3rd August
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Novice Final
Moss Farm Northwich Bank Holiday Sunday August 24th - see details of trials and contestants

Final - ‘UK Strongman North’ Final
Moss Farm Northwich Bank Holiday Monday August 25th - see details of trials and contestants


Report on Novice Final
More pictures can be viewed here. Download in pdf format - here

Paul Johnson getting a bit of a sweat on at the start of the wagon pulls

Mark Kingham set out at 5am on the Sunday morning from York to come and compete. He is like most people that get in to the sport after watching it on television for years and wanted to give it a go

All the Novice competitors ready to do battle on Sunday 24th August 2008
Event Sponsored by Madisons

Paul Savage age 21 from Warrington carrying the 300kg yoke over the 25m distance

Bren Powers at the start of the medley event with the 170kg weight which had to be lifted 18”up each step before moving on to the duck walk. He was the third in this event with a time of 27.08secs

Gareth Wallace struggled with this one being the shortest the 18” height was too much for him

Paul Hodgkinson running with the170kg duck walk

Niall Jones with the 60kg water filled barrel not the heaviest of weights but made worse as the water moves around a lot

John Bates owner of Madison bar & restaurant was the Main sponsor of the novice competition. A big thank you to John and his family, for their kind donation. Don’t know if getting a hug off Paul Hodgkinson was part of the deal

Glyn Richards more use to handling grave stones than atlas stones. This was his first comp. The novice competitors do the same events as the open competitors, the only difference are the weights


1st Paul Hodgkinson

2nd Bren Powers

3rd Mark Kinghan

Report on Open Final
More pictures can be viewed here. Report can be downloaded here (pdf format)

All the competitors in their T-shirts supplied by
Buccaneer Promotions Tel: 01606 783039

Lee Bowers getting harnessed up at the start of the 10 ton wagon-pull, which is supplied by Rojac. It goes up an incline, which took its toll on all the competitors

Sponsored by
Cleaning Force

Joni Purmonen moved up from novice,to start competing in open comps

Sponsored by :-
Brownfield Solutions
241-243 Manchester Road
Cheshire CW9 7NE
Tel: 01606 334 844
Fax: 01606 334 843

Colin Jones the only man I know that can make his face go as red as his tee-shirt

Sponsored by :-
CRS Consultants
Tel: 01606 48521
Fax: 01606 40031


One for the ladies once they saw Ed Hall take his top off there was now hope for any one else

Sponsored by :-

Ash Skip Hire

Wayne Tunstall the fastest man with the 360kg yoke with a time of 19.32 seconds over 25m. Even the tractor could not keep up with him.

Sponsored by :-
Brian's Auto Centre
The Garage
Winnington Avenue
Tel: 01606 784422

Mark Flex with the winners from the children’s races that goes on throughout the day to keep them entertained

Sponsored by:-
JP Ceramics Wall & Floor Tiling
263-265 Manchester Rd,
Tel:01606 351250

Mick Townley at the start of the medley which consisted of 230kg power stairs


Mick Ashurst on the 200kg duck walk


Mr Tony Gilsenan I have the utmost respect for this man he still competes in strongman at the age of --------, it would not be right for me to give it away I just hope that I am as fit as he is when I get to his age.

Sponsored by :-
EWL Waterjet
Unit 5
Denton Drive
CW9 7LU.
Tel: 01606 45405
Fax: 01606 4023


Mick Townley was the fastest man on the stone weights 120kg-160kg, his time was 34.06 seconds.

3rd Place, with total points 50. Mick Townley collecting his trophy and prize money from Mark Felix.

Colin James on the 90kg barrel carry. See what I mean about his face


2nd Place, with total points 51. Mick Ashurst not bad for some one who has only been trying for a year at strongman

1st Place, with total points 52, went to Wayne Tunstell for the second year running, but the two Mick’s gave him a real run for his money. A big thank you to Mark Felix for presenting the trophies and the prize money and to Rosebank sports of Northwich for their kind donation of the trophies for the second year running


This last picture is of me presenting flowers to Sally Walker on her birthday. Brian, Sally’s husband is the official referee over the two days. Without people like Brian, Ann, Dave, Angela, Pete, all other helpers and sponsors, this event would not be able to raise much needed money for local charities


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