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Report on Open Final
More pictures can be viewed here.

All this years open competitors just before the 2009 competition in T-shirts supplied for the second year running by Buccaneer Promotions.  This company has branched out into all sorts of promotional products, including school wear, rugby and football kits. You can contact them on Tel 01606 78309 or visit

Scott Heaton pressing the 74kg stone at the start of the press medley

Igor Petrick from Slovakia struggling to press the 130kg axle, the last item in this event.  This event was a tie with Mark Felix and Wayne Tunstall sharing first place.  This event was sponsored by Brian’s Auto Tel 01606 784422 and Cleaning Force Office Cleaners Ltd of Northwich Tel 01606 338650.

Lee Bowers doing squats with a 260kg wagon tyre. This event was judged on repetitions. Lee did four reps but was beaten by Alex Curletto who managed ten.  This event was sponsored by UK Container Maintenance Ltd. Tel 01606 723 020

UK Container Maintenance

Mark Felix putting the 100kg chain in to the wheel barrow with ease.  He then went onto the next objects, the last being a 130kg beer barrel.  The overall weight of the wheel barrow at the end of the course was 600kg. This event was sponsored by A.S.H skip hire of Northwich

Alex Curletto having his arms pulled like stretch Armstrong on the Help-For-Heroes Hercules Hold. At the end of each handle there were two 130kg barrels which had to be held for the longest time. Event lifting equipment was supplied by North Western Materials Handling Ltd Tel 01606 42999 and by CRS Insurance Consultants Tel 01606 48521. 

NW Materials Handling

CRS Consultants

Jack McIntosh. This competitor only started competing in strongman this year. This is not that special but his age is. He had just had his twenty first birthdays. Not sure if the T-Shirt was a present from Mark Clegg at Olympic Gym in Ashton, Manchester but I do know if you are looking to get in Strongman Mark’s Gym he has plenty of equipment to put you on the right track.  This event was sponsored by Northwich Tyres & Auto Care, tel 01606 351200.

Igor Petrik flew in from Slovakia to compete in this year’s competition.   Igor did not look that big but he put on a great display of strength. He said that he trains with natural rocks and old trees at home to get himself ready for competitions. This event was sponsored by JP Ceramics Wall & Floor Tiling. 263-265 Manchester Rd, Northwich, CW9 7NE. Tel 01606 351250


‘Fred the Weatherman’ from Granada TV came to do his weather report. He tried his luck at picking up the 120kg gas bottle from the loading event.



Mick Ashurst putting all his strength into the Hand-over-Hand event.  This was made harder by the rain making the rope slippery. Fred didn’t tell us it was going to rain half way through the competition but in true professional style the show still went on. This Event was sponsored By ROJAC (UK) Ltd and Hygenol Ltd Tel: 01244 288882


A Big Thank You to for their support in supplying tubs of protein for the first, second and third place. Also to E.W.L of Northwich for the first prize trophies which were made from a jpeg image that we supplied to them.  If you are looking for a unique trophy for an event or as a prize then go to Last but not least Ed Robinson from who gave free sports massages to all competitors.

MC for a second year Martin Flett brought his wealth of knowledge about sport to the Event.  He does after dinner speeches and motivational talks to groups and businesses. Check out Martin’s Golden Blog and see what he’s been up to. Or you can contact him on 07961073678 if you would like to use his servicer


Report on Novice Final
More pictures can be viewed here.

All of the 2009 Novice competitors in front of this years chosen charity Help for Heroes banner D.A.N. and TSL Tameside Solutions thank you for you support with this years novice competition

Paul Hodkinson at the start of the press medley with the 64kg natural stone. The last item to press was a 115kg axle


Euros Garmon squatting 220kg for reps. He came to watched the welsh heat and then decided to enter one of the other qualifiers and now he is in the final

Nial Jones with his arms looking like they are about to pop on the arm-over-arm vichell   pull which was made harder with it being on grass

Paul Savage with the 100kg chain the second of four items that had to be loaded in to the wheel barrows


Luke Fullbrook trying his best to load the last item the 115kg barrel


A ‘Big thank you’ to for their support in supplying tubs of protein for the first second and third place competitors. Also to E.W.L of Northwich for the first prize trophies which were made from a jpeg image that we supplied to them go to if you are looking for a unique trophy for an event or as a prize then go to   and  to Ed Robinson  from how gave free sports massages out to the competitors



Kimil Hojniak with the 115kg farmer’s walks. He came all the way from London to take part in the final and his family had travelled from Poland to come and watch him



In Third place was Niail Jones, in Second place was Kimil Hojniak and Euros Garmon was winner of the 2009 UK Strongman-North Novice competition 2009.



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